The Best Mommy Ever

I remember Swistle or somebody talking once about what we perceive to be our biggest parenting weakness, and she and many others cited short temper as their own.  For myself it has almost always been selfishness with my time, or at least that’s what I thought.  But I think I may have switched camps somewhere along the lines without realizing it, because I just threw a temper tantrum to rival any of the kids (though I didn’t throw anything and I didn’t tell anyone I hated them, so they still win.)

It was a Perfect Storm, it really was- I still have a cold, and Talia’s had a cold all week and been very clingy, grouchy (could have something to do with that head injury! haha!) and also sleeping poorly due to the new bed sitch.  So that sucked, and since she was requiring so much Lap Time during the day, and not napping, the house was unusually gross going into the weekend which just automatically makes me crabby anyways.  I am left with the choice to either a) knock myself out doing a week’s worth of scrubbing in two days, leaving me kind of manic and exhausted but also mentally soothed by The Clean, or b) scratch the chores and try again next week, leaving me somewhat relieved but mostly agitated because mess makes my brain hurt.

Also, Adelay had soccer tournaments in Cincinnati Saturday, so I was at home all day with the three little kids while Jim coached.  I tried really hard to make sure we had a fun day- took them to lunch, then took them to the coffee shop for smoothies (where one employee noted to me, apropos of my boys clambering around putting on the show called This Is Why You Can’t Take Us Anywhere, that he’s getting more and more sure he doesn’t want kids) and then we went to the park AND the playground.  But after all that, do you think anyone was happy or content or grateful?  Nope.  In fact the whole way home one of my kids threw a screaming fit, complete with throwing of shoes and threats to leap from the moving vehicle, because I wouldn’t take them to the pharmacy to buy more Pokeman cards even though we had JUST BOUGHT SOME THE DAY BEFORE.

The afternoon sucked as I tried to clean our filthy house while Talia whined and cried from her room because NO CRIB, and hooligan boys ran around thwarting me (ex: ten minutes after I cleaned the boys’ bathroom mirror and sink, I found Jameson “cleaning” same with toothpaste) and beating each other over the head with toys.  I tried giving the boys a bubble bath to distract them from killing each other, but while I was in the other room folding laundry, they turned the jets on in my tub and my hand to God, when I walked in my entire bathroom was covered in foam, with two sheepish but kind of gleeful faces peering out from these MOUNDS of bubbles.  You couldn’t even see the tub anymore.  I had to laugh or I would’ve cried.  Then Jim got home with Addy and everyone was so very happy to see him and I just felt like chopped liver, inside cooking dinner while they all flocked joyfully around him outside as though they’d been trapped with Mommy Dearest all day.  Oh and then no one would eat.  Of course.

Today was even worse.  Jim and Addy had to leave at five thirty am, so I was home with the littles again.  I couldn’t do church because Tali’s still so germy looking, plus I still had lots of laundry/cleaning to do!  Yay!  But I back burnered cleaning for the morning, played outside with the kids instead, then we all went to the store to get birthday presents for the two different parties my kids were expected at this afternoon.  I resisted the siren song of fast food and made us lunch at home, put the baby down for a nap (at least that part went ok today!) and took the kids to their parties while Jim dozed.  BTW, I don’t begrudge him a nap, he had an exhausting weekend too.  Plus he totally killed a rather large snake (which, wtf! snake!?) in our yard within minutes of getting back from Cinci, with a shovel, and I didn’t have to even lay eyes on the thing, so I think that earned him some points.

Anyways, I ran an errand, then got home and chilled for awhile before I had to leave again to pick the kids back up.  As soon as I got them home, the shenanigans began again.  I asked them to clean their rooms while I made dinner, and…

Actually, it’s occurring to me that someday my children may not appreciate me detailing their behavior in such excruciating detail.  But let’s just say that despite lots of patient guidance and attempts to help with the cleaning without actually doing it for them, the fit throwing and procrastinating and refusal to cooperate whatsoever left me with a bit of the rage.  One child attempted to run away, twice, because I am SO MEAN, another kid bit his brother so hard he left teeth marks, another kid tried to hit ME, etc etc.  And during this time Jim had unfortunately had to leave to do his own errand, so I was on my own with what appeared to be demon possessed children, frankly.  After about an hour and a half of chaos, in which time I did dishes and cleaned the house while putting one kid in time out, taking another kid’s toys away, thwarting two different runaway attempts, and speaking very sharply quite a lot, Jim got home and went out to grill the burgers I had prepared.  And lo and behold, the damn grill would not turn on.  Totally dead, even though it was fine a week ago.  So then I got to cook burgers on my griddle and spatter myself with hot grease.

Whatevs, no big deal, at least everyone ate and loved their dinner and was being very polite to me after a Come To Jesus talk from Jim about straightening up and flying right.  But then he had to leave again at eight thirty, for a previous engagement to watch Game of Thrones with his HBO-having coworker.  And I know I am being a baby but this makes me a little jealous because I love that show too but someone has to stay with the kids and obviously it’s going to be me since I barely even know this guy.  This is perfectly fair, and I get my nights out too so it’s not like a martyr thing here, it’s just that I really do want to watch it.  So off he goes, and here I am with two kids in the bath and dinner to clean up and tucking in to do.

All goes well at first, kids get pajama-ed and are meant to be brushing their teeth while I change Talia, when suddenly I hear screeching and chasing and this weird wet sound as well.  I turn around and there are puddles and bits of wet toilet paper all through the bathroom, freshly mopped dining room and hallway and the boys are running around chasing each other with a sopping wet roll of toilet paper.  What.  The.  Hell.

I picked up Talia, half dressed and diaper less, and marched them back to the scene of the crime where I handed out towels and ordered, very angrily, that the mess be cleaned up immediately and that teeth brushing happen.  Everyone just stood there staring at me as though puddle mopping was a skill that was utterly beyond them.

“Guys!” I yelled.  I got down to give a visual demonstration of my request.  “Bend down and clean up the water!  Now!”

More blank stares and reluctant whining and protesting about who actually made the mess- hint: apparently no one.

“Jamie!” I yelled again.  “This is your mess, you clean it up.  Take your towel and clean it up NOW!”

Jamie glared at me dolefully and sucked his fingers.  “It’s too hard!  You do it!”

And that it when my brain died, you guys.  I just SNAPPED.  I haven’t felt that nuts since I was a hormonal teenager.  I screamed, I screeched, I grabbed shoulders, I just acted like a lunatic.  There was lots of incoherent venting about how I am not a maid, how it’s too much, cleaning up after a whole houseful of people who seem to completely disregard me, how I am so tired of being treated this way, blah blah blah.  It was ugly.  I was crying a little, even.  Everyone backed away with wide eyes from the blubbering maniac.

“Just forget it!” I yelled weepily.  “Just go to bed, everyone- I’ll clean this up since it’s obviously too much for you!  Just go!”  I marched them back down the hallway and into their room, then sat on the floor, shaking.  Eli approached me cautiously, as one might a feral cat, and said in a soothing, manly tone, “It’s all right, Mom.  Just take a deep breath.  You’re just a little worked up right now.”  He patted my shoulder kindly.

Then I did start crying, OBVIOUSLY.  “I’m sorry,” I wailed.  I grabbed Jamie into a hug and sat on the floor sniffling and babbling about how sorry I was and how badly I’d behaved and how I didn’t control myself and, you know, all the sorry.  Lots of sorry.  Sorry sorry sorry.  I felt sick at how unhinged and scary I must have seemed to my kids.

I tucked them in very gently and kissed them and said sorry again and explained that it had just been a long weekend and I was worn down from people not cooperating with Mommy ahem ahem but that of course that was no excuse, and I just needed to go relax and settle down now huh?  Jamie patted my cheek from his bed and said, in his little voice that is so cute because it’s still lispy and babyish but his tone is so serious, “You’re the best Mommy ever!”

And then I died.  The end.  Blergh.


End Of An Era

So Talia really helped us resolve that do-we-move-her-out-of-the-crib dilemma by taking a kamikaze type head dive out of it Wednesday night.  The sound of her forehead smacking the wood floor was not exactly something I ever want to hear again.  Poor girl has a giant goose egg that I sure as heck hope looks worse than it feels, so, yeah… No more crib. She’s clearly got the determination and dexterity to heave herself over the side of the side, but not the coordination to make sure she lands, you know, NOT DIRECTLY ON HER FREAKING FACE.

Needless to say, she spent that night in bed with me (being monitored for concussion, natch) and the next morning Jim moved the toddler bed into her room and I took the crib apart.  It’s not going over too well so far- still no successful naps, which I am trying not to panic about because there is no way in hades that she is giving up her nap time just yet.  Then I had to spend AN HOUR AND A HALF in her room the first night, first in the bed with her, then rocking her, then sitting beside the bed patting her back, before she finally succumbed to sleep.  When she woke up that morning and found herself in her new bed she started screaming angrily- it was kind of funny, but kind of not a good omen.  Last night was just as bad, and she ended up in my bed around three am, along with Jameson, where the two of them took turns kicking my kidneys and sleepily flinging their little fists right into my eye sockets.

As I lay there dozing, longing for real, REM-cycle sleep, I couldn’t help but think about that Catherine Newman quote re: sleep after kids: “Nothing can prepare you for the Sleep of the Parents. If sleep is an ocean, then I used to sleep on the floor of it, a sunken thing among the catfish, bubbles blooping from my dreaming mouth towards the surface. Now I sleep in a little rowboat. In a thunderstorm, during a war, with cannons going off all night long. And also sharks.”  I was in the rowboat last night, and boy I have not missed it.  Matter of fact (absolutely true story here) once I finally got into an actual sleep I had a nightmare that I kept taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test, all of them turning up positive, and I just sat there looking at them and wailing, “No!  How?! No!”

Sleep is seriously the hardest parenting issue, in my opinion, because, hello, it is so hard to be rational or stick to a plan when you yourself are so effing tired.  We’ve been lucky with Taliana, she who ninety five percent of the time cheerfully curled up in her crib with her blanket and waved nigh-night, that I’ve kind of blocked out those years of Eli, and sometimes Jamie, needing to be walked and rocked and sung to before we could actually lay them down.  You keep being torn between pity for the baby (poor thing!  he/she has a cold and can’t breathe, or is scared of the dark, or is teething, or, you know, has a cold AND a giant bump on the head AND a new bed to deal with) and pity for yourself (poor me!  I also have a cold, and so much laundry to fold, and so much TV yet to watch…)

Also it was kind of sad taking apart that crib- I  don’t think it’s ever been taken down since Jim first set it up for Adelay almost nine years ago.  Now there was a time in between Eli and Jameson that it was used in our playroom as basically a giant doll/stuffed animal storage receptacle, but we never bothered putting it away because we knew we would use it again soon.  And now, well, it has housed its final occupant, at least in this house.

A month before Addy arrived.  I remember so vividly painting that room all neutral colors and choosing the animal theme, since we didn’t know what we were having despite having had multiple ultrasounds.  It drove me NUTS.  I get so crazy with nesting hormones, and I couldn’t stand not knowing what gender was coming so I could stockpile clothes!

Adelay’s first nap in the crib.  She was SO. TINY.  And aw, this makes me remember her little paci quirk- she always liked having the little handle flipped up to rest on her nose.

I was going to insert a picture of each of the kids in the crib, but hilariously, I couldn’t find pictures of either of the boys in it.  I was probably so happy that they were IN the crib and ASLEEP that my last thought was to go grab the camera and start snapping away.  I know there’s one somewhere of Talia, but I have spent an hour searching for it and am coming up empty handed so, se la vie.  Just know that she was on her tummy, butt in the air with a strawberry embroidered upon it, and she looked like a cherub.  There.  End post.




So I need advise on two matters if anyone would like to weigh in.  Firstly, we are going to San Diego in about three weeks for a wedding (just Jim and I,) but will also have a few days to ourselves for sightseeing/enjoying each other’s company without small kids along.  Does anyone have suggestions for must-see/must-do activities or destinations in and around San Diego?

Secondly, Talia has figured out how to climb out of her crib, even though it’s on its lowest mattress setting.  Now, she did manage this on a night when I had a crib mattress wedge slid under one end to help her with congestion due to allergies, and it hasn’t happened since I took that out (which was IMMEDIATELY, as you can imagine.)  Still, is it dangerous to put her in there anymore?  None of our other kids ever achieved this prior to being moved into toddler beds around age two and a half.  She’s twenty one months now, but I’m really reluctant to move her out of a crib yet, especially for nap time.  Help me, experienced moms!

The Internet: Helping Us Be Weird Together

So first Elizabeth has ASMR too, and now I find out Linda is, to use her own description, “a creepy whisper tingler” ALSO!  But the final stamp of approval has to be the fact that ASMR has now been written about on Oprah’s website.  Validation from the queen herself- or at least one of her employees.  It makes me feel much better to know that if I am a weirdo, I’m one of many weirdos.  Solidarity!

I think it’s interesting that people who don’t get tingles seem to specifically DISLIKE all the triggers that people with ASMR seek out- low, half whispered talking, nail tapping, scratching on surfaces, crinkling wrappers, etc.  Depending on the person, you could use these videos as insomnia cures, therapy for anxiety, or as a form of torture during an interrogation.  One thing’s for sure, though: it’s always fun to play someone an ASMR YouTube clip for the first time and watch them react.

My oldest child totally has ASMR, maybe even more strongly than I do- every day after school she comes home and goes straight for the computer and the earbuds to help her unwind for awhile.  My husband, meanwhile, cannot stand any of it and usually flees the room if he hears the “creepy whispering” starting.  Most people I know feel the same.  None of my immediate family gets ASMR, though one sister does at least say she “gets” why people might find it relaxing.  But no one gets tingles except me.  I wonder if it’s a genetic thing or just random?  There’s only been one or two actual medical studies done on the phenomenon so far (that I know of) so I’m sure any data is a long way off.  But I am curious how it works.  Anyone else have it, or have kids that seem to get tingles?

Food For Thought

I’ve listened to this several times now.  Each time a new line strikes me to mull over and digest, but I think my favorite is when she talks about women deciding “how much space they deserve to occupy.”  I am not big on labels so I don’t generally talk about being a feminist or not being a feminist but I will say this: women in this culture, myself included one hundred percent, put way too much weight in their weight.  We know this, but it doesn’t seem to get better.  And it degrades us and weakens us and cheapens us beyond measure.  The more we obsess about inches and pounds, the more easily we are bought and sold to the media and to marketing, the more easily we are distracted from taking part in the real work of improving the world, starting with our own selves.  How many of us hear the term self improvement and instantly think of diet or exercise?  Almost always, right?  How backwards is that?

But we feel our bodies are our bargaining chip.  We feel more powerful, more valuable in our world, the smaller and tighter we get.  We fight, at least in our internal dialogues, with our bodies about appetite and food and inches and stretch marks nearly daily.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve leaned over to pick something up, felt the sag of the skin on my lower belly where pregnancies have stretched it out, and been repulsed.  Repulsed!  And then I get so mad at myself for swallowing the airbrushed garbage on every magazine cover about “body after baby!” and thinking I’ve failed because I haven’t devoted my spare time to forcing my body back into the same shape as it was ten years ago through diet or aerobics or even surgery.  But… why should I want to look like a teenager again?  I’ve evolved into a woman and a mother since then, and I guarantee you I am sexier now than I was at nineteen.  Yes, my hips are wider and my breasts are lower and I have stretch marks but my body is for more than being looked at, and certainly for more than being compared to another woman’s body and found wanting.  Do I believe this?  I want to.

So there’s aging and gravity and then of course there’s the all important weight issue.  While I may look a lot different than I did pre-babies, I really only weigh five pounds more than I did when I got pregnant with Addy- and that may be more a result of age than pregnancies.  But is my weight a health concern?  No.  I am totally healthy.  But I am not thin, really, so I don’t feel like a “hot” person anymore.  (My kids like to remind me of this, because apparently even at eight my daughter has figured out what the finite and clear cut standards are for a woman’s hotness.  Short hair?  Not hot.)  I could be more fit, yes, and so exercising for that reason and for the mental charge of it is a good goal.  But when I strive to exercise, is it really to take care of my body so it can continue to take care of me, or mostly just to look thinner?  Do I exercise to enjoy my body or to punish it for its appetites?

This is obviously a sweeping generalization, but from what I’ve seen men are so much kinder to their aging bodies, forgiving of its softening lines and thickening waist, though they may still make attempts to care for its health simply out of respect for themselves.  They are not, however, based on my observations, nearly as concerned about weight for appearance’s sake, of weight for sexiness’ sake, of weight for self worth’s sake.  I admire this.  This acceptance of their own selves, their own humanity.  This ability to see their body as in fact just a body, to be utilized and enjoyed and to find and give pleasure, and not as a currency, not as a decoration, not as the seat of their power.  Their recognition of their worth beyond what the mirror shows them, and their ability to grab their bellies and laugh and self-deprecate and then eat dessert anyways, is something that has always fascinated me.  I doubt many of them go home to self-loathingly examine their bodies, pinching at the spare flesh on their hips and waists as a nightly ritual before changing into their pajamas.

I could be wrong though.  And I’d also like to make very clear that I don’t see men as the driving force behind the weird, narrow Western ideal of female beauty.  I see it as a problem stemming almost entirely from advertisers trying to sell stuff and cashing in on the Achilles’ heel of women’s psyche- the deep seated, historic link between our bodies and our self worth.  (There’s a whole side-note tangent here that I don’t have time to fully explore, about how women have always been valued for their bodies, but in the past the emphasis was a little less on its beauty and far more on its capacity in child bearing.  We live in a time in which birth rates are on the decline and women aim to look young above all else- the body of a mother is not admired.  Now, I do not yearn to go back to an era when women were reduced to what their uterus happened to produce!  But I do feel nostalgic for a time when a mother of many was at least respected for what her body had accomplished and not made to feel that she should apologize for bearing the marks of her labors.)

I’ll try to wrap this up by just saying that I don’t see anything wrong with enjoying physical beauty, our own and others’, or in wanting to look beautiful- but I want to define, enhance and celebrate my own beauty just as I find it, not try to conform my body, face or hair to someone else’s idea of beautiful.  And, as it happens, I want to be a lot of other things besides and above just beautiful.  I want to fight as intentionally as I can against selling myself so cheaply into slavery to the cosmetics, fashion or weight loss industry.

All The Essentials

Sorry it’s been so long, everyone…  All ten of you, or whoever still reads blogs.  Haven’t been up to too much, though I did have one doula birth in there that wore me out for a few days.  Mostly just trying to endure the winter!  We had a burst of good weather and sunshine the last couple of days, though, and I swear I almost felt like I’d gone a little crazy- it changed my mood so much just to be outside and feel something besides misery.

I felt like I really needed to post something again, so since my brain is mostly mush I thought I’d just do a post about the things currently getting me through this looong winter with my sanity intact.

1. The Borgias

Jim and I had watched most of the other series about this infamous family (Borgias,) which was released around the same time, and oh my gosh, I got WAAAY more into the Showtime one.  This probably speaks badly for me because the other series, which is produced by the European company studiocanal, is generally regarded as being superior.  It’s certainly a more thorough and accurate look into the historic family as well as the time period.  BUT.  I’m just going to be honest here.  The chemistry between the two star crossed (and incestuous) lovers is way better/hotter in The Borgias, in my opinion, despite the fact that the other show is actually more explicit.  Sometimes less is more, I guess.  Exhibit A:

Ahem.  *fans self*

2. Moisturizer.

Hand cream, lotion, lip balm.  All the moisturizers in the world, basically.  I go through a horrifying amount in the winter.  My current favorite is the blood orange and hyacinth scent from Burt’s Bees gud brand.  It smells so delicious it actually makes my mouth water.  So, if you want to smell so good someone would want to take a bite of you, I highly recommend this.

3. Wine

Obviously.  My favorite brand at the moment is Menage a`Trois.

4. Music

Still loving The Civil Wars (RIP!)  I linked to the song Eavesdrop, but I don’t really even have a favorite single- they’re all amazing.  Lyrics, vocals, chemistry between the artists… amazing.  Also still enjoying my Catching Fire soundtrack. :)

5. Green tea.

I’m so bad about staying hydrated in the winter- I just want to drink coffee all day long.  But I was starting to get chronic headaches again and feel run down.  So I’ve been trying to chug at least a few cups of green tea every day.  Supposedly it’s super good for you. If nothing else, it’s hydrating.

6. Exercising.

Mostly just doing some leg stuff, trying to get into something resembling shape for the summer and to strengthen the muscles around my knees, since that’s a problem area for me and it’s one of my life goals to avoid knee surgery again!  Squats and plies are pretty amazing.  I try to just do sets of ten or twenty like every hour or so- just enough to get my legs burning again, basically!  It’s pretty effective, and not too torturous- actually feels good, to be honest, after a winter of sluggishness!- and since I just do it about five minutes at a stretch it’s manageable to do even with the kids running around.

7. Avoiding housework.

I pretty much focus on keeping the kitchen clean, dishes done, and the laundry kept up on and everything else has to wait until I feel like it.  Every week or so I get in the mood, so it’s not too terrible around here, but I definitely do not feel like following my housecleaning schedule lately.  Too many bathrooms, too little motivation.

8. Dreaming about travel.

Jim and I are going to San Diego in May for a cousin’s wedding/our tenth anniversary.  I can.not. wait.

9. Our dining room.

Even though we’re trying to save money on things like eating out, we’ve still been able to socialize fairly often lately by having game/wine nights in our dining room, after the kids have gone to bed.  This mainly requires hanging out with childless people or people with access to babysitters, unfortunately, so I’m missing a lot of our couple friends with kids lately. :(

10. Hot baths.

This one’s kind of a no brainer, but man am I grateful for that deep tub we put in the master bathroom.  It’s just as wonderful as I imagined it would be.

What are you all doing to stay happy ’til spring finds you?


Try Not Having Kids!

Eh, I’m boring and all I do is link to things anymore, I know.  But I saw this today and it cracked me up.  Disclaimer: Obviously I personally don’t feel this way, since I tried one kid, then had more after that- mostly voluntarily!  But I still think it’s hilarious, and can be true for some people.  And hey, the polar vortex is messing with my sanity you guys.  This has been one hellacious winter.  So enjoy:

I love the list of possible side effects: “Eerily quiet studio apartment.”  Also the warning about trying Not Having Kids if you already have kids: “Could lead to being a neglectful asshole.”  It was a timely admonishment for a woman who keeps fantasizing about checking into a hotel under an assumed name just so she can sit quietly, alone, and not clean anyone else’s messes for a whole day.

What The Actual….

As if the polar vortex, school cancellations and winter weight gain weren’t depressing me enough…

“Democrats think that women are nothing more than helpless and hopeless creatures whose only goal in life is to have government provide for them birth control medication,” says Huckabee.  Because… wanting to control when and if I get pregnant = my only goal in LIFE is to have the government provide me with birth control?  That’s some crazy spin, Mike Huckabee.  My six year old could take notes from you.

Seriously, I am aware that plenty of Republicans cringe when they hear this guy talk and that he is not necessarily the voice of the party as a whole.  But can we maybe just stop letting this guy speak in public?  I wish that after a certain number of public gaffes one terminated their own right to free speech.  Cuz this guy’s beginning to come across like it’s HIS “only goal in life” to alienate half the country’s population.

Not that I don’t enjoy being lectured by an old politician about “controlling my libido.”  *headdesk*

Hope Springs Eternal

You know how lots of people like to come up with a word for the year to focus on, rather than necessarily a list of goals?  I have mine.  I had it before 2014 even rolled around.  I need more balance, I think.  More balanced eating, more balance in my use of time, more balance in the give and take of my relationships, more balance in how I spend our money, etc.  I did come up with a list of goals for myself this year too; however, I waited to post them until a few weeks into the new year.  Wanted to see if I had managed to stay resolved even for a few weeks before I proudly proclaimed my Lifestyle Changes to the world.  These goals kind of evolved throughout November and December of last year, so they are real, not just a list I forced myself to come up with simply for the tradition of it.  I hope that this fact will help me focus on them for longer than a month and a half!

They’re really not even that interesting, but I know most of us have a weird fascination with other people’s New Year’s goals, so I thought I’d throw them out here.  The thing is, some of them are actually kinda… selfish.  I think in the end though that focusing on these goals will make me a nicer, less shrewish mother, though.  So even though writing it out makes me cringe a little, I still feel that they’re healthy things for me to emphasize.

  • Read at least one book each month, BUT no more than four.  I used to read constantly- I’d bring books to church, to school, out to dinner, to my friends’ houses…  I was always sneaking in one more paragraph, one more chapter, sucking down words like they were oxygen.  I loved the feeling of being lost in a novel, but I also had no ability or discipline to put down the book and focus on other things.  I have never, ever been a read-a-chapter-before-bed kind of girl.  It’s all or nothing.  This means that for a long time now, I have been a very sporadic reader because I simply can’t read the way I WANT to while caring for my kids and my home.  There have been years when I’ve barely read at all, other than a novel or two while we were at the beach, perhaps.  Now, I would like to be able to enjoy this thing I love and not let it control me.  I’ve been able to mostly achieve this in other areas, like chocolate and alcohol for instance.  Yet BOOKS are my Waterloo?  No.  This is silly.  I refuse to give up a wonderful hobby like READING because I can’t control myself.  So I’m trying to learn to read like a normal person: I have read three novels in the last two months, and now that I’m out of material, I have my new list ready to call in to the library (culled from Elizabeth’s list of recommendations, of course!)
  • Completely avoid fast food for myself and my kids (Jim, you’re on your own.)  This does not include pizza, because I think we’d all shrivel up and die, and it does not include items like ice cream cones or drive through coffee or burritos from the local imitation-Chipotle type place.  I’m not going dairy free, gluten free, or writing off HFCS altogether or anything extreme.  But I really want to avoid feeding any of us burgers, chicken nuggets or fries from fast food places.  The more I read about how that crap is made and where it comes from and what goes into, the more attention I pay to how I feel after I eat it… ugh.  I hardly even feel like I’m eating FOOD; all I can think about is the nasty stuff.  I don’t want to sound all uppity about this because oh my goodness, I’m eating a mini Reese’s cup AS I WRITE THIS, ok?  It’s just the scary stuff about how they manufacture that meat at fast food places that has me increasingly grossed out.  I was pretty good about it last year, so it’s just a goal for me this year to get even more hardcore about it, even as we’re on the go and busy during dinnertime lots of days: I want to try to get everyone fed without falling back on nuggets and fries.
  • In that vein, I also want to really avoid buying grocery store meat much at all.  This is something else I began focusing on last year and want to be even more diligent about.  I found a small family farm about a half hour away where I can consistently get ground beef and stew meat, steaks, etc from pasture fed cattle, and also turkey, lamb, pork products, etc when they are available.  They also have whole chickens, but I don’t do those too often because I am still lazy/scared about dealing with roasting a whole chicken- I’m pretty reliant on my nice frozen chicken breasts or tenders.  BUT I do use a brand of frozen chicken that is steroid, hormone and antibiotic free.  (That’s not any kind of affiliate link, fyi, just threw it up there in case someone was curious- or would like to let me know how that kind of chicken is in fact also scary and unsafe!)  It is admittedly a PIA to drive out there and back just to get meat, and it is a little more expensive, especially when you factor in gas.  But when Jim and I talked about it initially it just seemed so worth it in the long run.  The meat you’re buying is so much better for you, for one thing, that even if you trim your meat per meal a little to make up for the cost, your family is still probably getting more and higher quality protein.  Anyways.  This is getting long winded.  Just wanted to say that I had slacked off about doing my farm trips recently and really want to prioritize going there regularly again.
  • Make sure the kids get their homework done early and not at the last minute.  I am such a procrastinator myself, and it is SO easy to let my kids be that way too.  I don’t want to pass on to them my legacy of scrambling around and panicking and writing papers in homeroom!
  • Be more consistent about having the kids pick up after themselves.  This is one of those that sounds kind of mean and selfish (i.e. Stop doing so much darn housework!) but in reality I think will make me feel less resentful and yell less.  Jim is way better about staying on them to pick up one set of toys before getting out another, whereas I tend to ignore toys and clutter until we have a fire-hazard level mess on every floor.  Then I look around, feel overwhelmed, and start stomping, swooping things up and snapping and making everyone feel icky.  This needs to stop.  It’s pure laziness- I don’t want to constantly monitor their playing so I leave them to their own devices, then get frustrated when the results are exactly what I know they will be.  Must. Be. The Grown Up.
  • Begin training as a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, and make sure I get to the training seminar this year (bonus- I get to crash with my sister in Denver while I’m there!)  Our town has no childbirth classes at all apart from those the hospital runs, which are very boring and basically useless if you’re hoping to avoid interventions.  The doula I work with and I have talked forever about one of us getting certified so we can run classes as well as offer doula services, and now that DONA has teamed up with Lamaze international, the time seems right and I am excited to move forward with this.  Financially I think it will be beneficial too- I love doing doula work, but there’s really not a lot of people who feel they can afford it in this area.  It’s my guess that I will make more money and have a more predictable schedule if I put more focus on teaching classes.  Additionally, while it’s not the same as actually being there for someone during labor, offering a comprehensive class about the ins and outs of birth is still a great way to do good in the community and help women and families have a more positive and informed birth experience.
  • Focus more on relationships.  I feel so, so blessed by the people who have come into my life, both friends and family, but I know there are some that get neglected because I’m not consistently running into them in my day to day life and I have to actually make an effort to connect with them.  There’s so much going through my brain all the time, so many things, little and big, that I want to remember to do, that often “calling so and so” or “getting a birthday card” gets completely back-burnered.  I don’t have the pregnancy or new baby excuse any more (nor will I ever again, knock on wood!) so I really want to make more of an effort to stay connected with my loved ones, old and new, near and far.
  • Be more mindful of where my money is going!  This is huge.  Avoiding fast food is probably going to help with this one. I need to keep track of what I spend on misc. things like gifts and wrapping paper and cards throughout the year, and I’d like to start doing a cash system again, at least for certain things.  I also think I may cancel the one store credit card I still use (it’s Kohls- I always pay off the full balance, I just rely on their Kohls card holders-only coupons.  Thirty percent off clearance prices ftw!)  I do save money when I wait for a good coupon and then stock up on necessities like kids’ shoes, underwear, whatever.  BUT, that coupon makes little random purchases like candles or frames or whatever seem so very reasonable and negligible- until I forget to pay the bill on time at least a few times a year, which pretty much negates any savings I achieved using those coupons, so…  I don’t know.  I’m still mulling on that one.   Maybe I just need to make it a goal to get through a year without once forgetting to pay off that card before the due date!  I’m also considering getting a Costco or Sam’s Club type membership.  So many people have told me I’m crazy not to have one when we have a six person household.  I don’t know, I’m just intimidated or something.  Thoughts?
  • Finally, I’d like to focus on my spiritual life more this year.  Like politics or world news, this is an area that is often so complicated and muddled for me that I tend to gloss over it and keep things on the surface.  This is starting to be a way of life, though, and I don’t want fear or laziness to keep me from exploring a part of my internal life that is so vital.  To rely on metaphor, I don’t want to be simultaneously fat yet undernourished, sustaining myself on chips and candy because I’m too lazy to prepare a real meal out of real food.  It’s so hard to pull out of those ruts, though, physically and mentally.  I’m getting there slowly!

Edit: Upon rereading I realized this metaphor is sort of… horrible.  I didn’t intend to at all, but I totally sounded as though I think a fat person is someone who is necessarily short on veggies and stuffing themselves on junk food, and I know for a fact that is not the case at all.  There are plenty of people with thin body types who have chronically unhealthy eating habits, and there are plenty of people with thicker/heavier body types who in fact eat a healthy and balanced diet the vast majority of the time.  I know of many people who fall into these exact camps, as it happens, so I really feel bad that my brain went there into the “fat automatically equals crappy eating habits” area.  I know that’s not true, and I’m sorry.